Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trip to North Platte

Did some geocaching & sightseeing in North Platte today. The highlight of the day was to be the "Golden Spike Tower," and, yes, it was awesome. The big surprise was the wonder that was the Veteran's Memorial Wall!! Everywhere you look, it was just incredible! I'll put up a few pics, and a video.... Also cool was a research farm south of town, it's part of the UNL extension service. They do this for you & me, it said so in several places! There was even a suggestion box if you wanted them to try something in their garden, or if you wanted help with yours. Very cool! Walked 9.2 miles around town, had a great day!

Here's a shot of the wall! I didn't know you could carve brick like that!!

This is a house on the research farm south of town. Do you suppose they have to make it that pretty, or they want to?

There are lots and lots of names, all they way around the center part of the memorial.

About to enter the tower and visitor center. This should be fun!!

And, how about some videos?

Bet you didn't know North Platte had a waterfall, did you?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Who really won (or will win) the Olympics?

Math geeks like me will enjoy this awesome website. The info used is mine, just trying to figure out who won the Olympics!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The trip home

Took a different route home, we stopped at Breckenridge and Silverthorne. Here's Mom & Dad in Breckenridge. What a beautiful place! I wonder what it costs to live in those apartments???

Monday, August 11, 2008

Google Earth view of hike

Anyone else use Google Earth? I think it's awesome!! (Less so if you have slow Internet, sorry Mom & Dad!)

Here is a file of our hike, it should open up Google Earth if you click on it:


(Hmm....looks like it got zipped, don't know why. Still, you can get it from the .zip file.)

Colorado Trip Videos

Now let's see if I can add some videos from the trip!!

Colorado Trip 2008

Enjoyed a wonderful trip to Colorado again this year, actually spent three days outdoors, exploring the West Elk Wilderness, where many of my family members have spent time hunting. Thanks to Dad & Tom for showing us this beautiful area!!

Colin, Dad, and Tom after we were "First to Find" a geocache near Commissary Camp.

Couldn't decide whether to take a picture of the guys or the beautiful view behind them!!

Colin at our first campsite. That's our tent on the right, and yes it was a little cramped!! Thanks to Colin for putting up with me in there, I think I kneed him at least once!

Colin coming up "The Switchbacks" from our second campsite. You can see our tent wwwayyy back in those trees!

Dad is "King of the Hill" as we took a break in another beautiful spot! Actually, every step of the hike had breathtaking views of this area.

After our adventure in the mountains, we all visited Lake City, Colorado. Thank you!! to our hosts, Sue and Colin, poor Sue even did laundry after the hike, I think some of my stuff was radioactive!