Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I can't carry a tune with a pallet jack....

...but Colin is a good singer! I didn't know how big the video would be, so stopped filming after a few seconds. Wish now I hadn't!

Visit Colorful Colorado!

Once again, had a wonderful vacation visiting Sue in Gunnison. As always, they provided us with good food, entertainment, and neat places to see.

Everyone had a good time, with the exception of one little ground squirrel. (You'll have to ask Dad about that, I won't mention it again!)

Here's the group enjoying a picnic by a beaver pond west of Crested Butte:

It was a beautiful place! Here's a video of some wildflowers by the pond:

Here's the Marshalls and Uerlings at the trailhead:

I believe this is the first fish Erica ever caught!

Believe it or not, Sue & Colin actually let me take their Jeep up to Hartman Rocks to go Geocaching! I hiked almost 6 miles, and felt like I climbed another mile! Here's a pic looking down on Gunnison from Hartman Rocks. I love the rocks they placed here! Don't worry, I don't think I'll step over the line!

We stopped in Black Hawk, CO on the way back, where I found out my parents are gamblers! Good thing we don't have a casino near Cozad!

But, it turns out the gambling was a good thing. We left Black Hawk and just missed a very severe storm in Denver. Click here for some pics from a news helicopter.

So, thanks again to Sue, Colin, and Erica for sharing your house, and putting up with us!